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Libraries can be a health lifeline for people most at risk

“Public libraries can provide vital support for people at high risk for health problems such as new immigrants and people dealing with homelessness, mental illness and substance use, say U.S. researchers.Their analysis of Philadelphia libraries and how communities use them concludes that libraries can offer specific programs that directly and indirectly improve health, such as classes to improve skills or literacy. Librarians can also act as support figures, connecting people with resources for basic needs like housing.” (via Reuters)

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One week without Google

Cnet – “A Microsoft executive recently compared quitting Google to quitting smoking. As I approach the 10th anniversary of my last cigarette, I decided to put that to the test.
If it weren’t for hyperbole, of course, marketing wouldn’t be nearly as effective. But Google’s presence across the Web does provoke that sort of response from competitors and even friends. From search and Google Maps to Gmail and YouTube, it can be difficult to steer clear of the Google experience during a daily trip around the Internet.”

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Just for the next 2 days…Oh, sorry to have frightened you (or made you do the happy dance).

I’m at NYLA today (6 hours of workshops) and then a crzy day on Thursday. Blogging will resume on Friday.

Since I deleted my Twitter and Friendfeed accounts, I’ve had more time to blog. Those two services are incredibly fun and exciting, but they were a huge time suck.  I’m better off without them. 

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I. Need. My. Crackberry!

LiveScience – How to Tell If You Are Addicted to Technology (via)

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