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Internet to be allowed in exams

Politiken.dk – “Danish ‘A’ level students are likely to be able to use the Internet in their written exams if a test run later this year proves successful. The Ministry of Education says that pupils already use the Internet for tests. “It’s a good way to get hold of historical facts or an article that can be useful, for example, in a written social sciences exam,” Ministry Education Consultant Søren Vagner tells MetroXpress.”

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Digital Archives That Disappear

Inside Higher Ed – “As digital archives have become more important and more popular, there are varying schools of thought among scholars about how best to guarantee that they will be around for good. Some think that the best possibility is for the creators of the archives — people generally with some passion for the topic — to keep control. Others favor acquisition, thinking that larger entities provide more security and resources for the long run.”

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