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At universities, is better learning a click away?

AP – “The students in Michael Dubson’s physics class at the University of Colorado fell silent as a multiple choice question flashed on a screen, sending them scrambling for small white devices on their desks. Within seconds, a monitor on Dubson’s desk told him that 92 percent of the class had correctly answered the question on kinetic energy, a sign that they grasped the concept.

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Textbooks That Professors Can Rewrite Digitally

NYT – “Readers can modify content on the Web, so why not in books?”

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Big Think

Big Think – “This is a digital age, one in which a wealth of accessible information empowers you, the citizen-consumer. But where is the information coming from? How accurate and unprocessed is it, really? Ask yourself this: how empowered do you feel debating a television screen or a newspaper?” (via)

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