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Volunteers bring Lincoln papers into online age

“On the third floor of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, a half-dozen regular volunteers spend hour after hour in cubicles typing away on aged computers, history buffs on a mission to make researching the nation’s 16th president a lot easier. While there’s no shortage of books and grad school dissertations on Lincoln — treatises on him have become an industry in Springfield — doing the work presents a challenge. The source documents are handwritten letters more than 150 years old. Not exactly word search-friendly. So a group of historians has embarked on a yearslong project to make the words that came out of Lincoln’s pen more searchable online.” (via chicagotribune.com)

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Presidential library gets grant for digital image storage

“The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is getting a grant to help pay for the storage of tens of thousands of images of documents related to the 16th president. Officials announced Tuesday that Amazon Web Services awarded the Papers of Abraham Lincoln $24,000 worth of storage services.” (via AP)

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