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Media Companies File Brief in Salinger Sequel Case

NYTimes – “The New York Times Company, along with the Associated Press and the Gannett Company and the Tribune Company, the two largest newspaper publishers in the country, have filed an amicus brief in support of the author whose sequel to J.D. Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye” has been indefinitely banned by a federal judge.”

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Officials Look to Solve Social Network Risks Without Ban

DefenseLink – “As Pentagon officials weigh the benefits and risks of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, they hope to craft a policy that shores up security vulnerabilities without requiring a ban. Meanwhile, the Marine Corps has clarified its guidelines on social networking, and officials said they would consider the findings gleaned in the Pentagon policy review due out in late September”

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Un(bound): Altered Books Competition

on Flickr – “Start with a used book and transform it into a work of art! Enter one in our contest for a chance to exhibit or win a prize.”

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Class Claims Legal Publisher Violated Privacy

Courthouse News Service – “West Publishing disclosed and tried to sell millions of drivers’ personal information on one of its Web sites, according to a federal class action. The class claims the Minnesota-based legal publishing giant violated their privacy by posting their names, addresses, VIN numbers, vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers on the Internet for “commercial purposes and profit.”

Read the Complaint

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The White House Revisits Government Web-Privacy Policies

The Caucus Blog – “Due to privacy concerns, federal agencies since June 2000 have been prohibited from using many Web-tracking technologies, including cookies. But the Obama administration is keen to modernize federal-agency sites and add Web 2.0-style technologies that could create new ways for the people to communicate with their government and participate in policy making.”

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Everything Old is New Again

All of my Twitter followers, via OPML

Thanks Dave

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US Marines ban social network sites including Twitter

Telegraph – “The US Marine Corps has renewed a ban on Twitter and other social networking sites as the Pentagon weighed a similar prohibition over cybersecurity concerns.”

More here

Also, see the Marine Corps Social Media page

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Library controversy in Delaware

6abc.com – "A new library building in Kirkwood, Delaware has people talking, some call it art, others say it’s an eyesore. But whatever your opinion, you can definitely call it a controversy."


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More Americans working from home

USATODAY – “Is America turning into a nation of telecommuters?”

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Ohio Cuts Library Services Statewide

WSAZ – “There was a time when people primarily used the library as a place to just check out books. Today, libraries are a valuable resource for everything from books and movies to Internet use and entertainment. But, just when usage is reaching its highest levels, Ohio is facing its toughest cuts. Those cuts are hurting those who need the services the most.”

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