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Librarians Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcwashington.com/video.

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Schools, tech copmanies tailor social sites for student

Reuters – “Colleges and universities across the United States are going beyond simply creating websites and pages on Facebook for students to “friend” or “fan.” They are working with technology companies to build their own social networks and integrate them into campus life to boost admissions and retain students.”

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‘The Great Gatsby’ goes interactive

USATODAY – “I-play, which has created computer games based on contemporary literary works by Nora Roberts and James Patterson, has now set its sights on an 85-year-old classic: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic The Great Gatsby. Now available for Windows-based PCs, Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby is a downloadable casual game that lets you interact with familiar characters, locations and story lines from the legendary American novel. As Nick Carraway, a young idealist back from the Great War, you must unravel secrets buried behind the decadence of the Roaring ’20s.”

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British library Annual Report

The 2009-2010 report was released today.

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Visual Artists to Sue Google Over Library Project

NYTimes – “As Google awaits approval of a controversial settlement with authors and book publishers, the company’s plan to create an immense digital library and bookstore may face yet another hurdle. On Wednesday, the American Society of Media Photographers and other groups representing visual artists plan to file a class-action lawsuit against Google, asserting that the company’s efforts to digitize millions of books from libraries amount to large-scale infringement of their copyrights.”

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