The Card Catalog: Books, Cards, and Literary Treasures, by the Library of Congress

“This book about card catalogs, written and published in cooperation with the Library of Congress, is beautifully produced, intelligently written and lavishly illustrated. It also sent me into a week-long depression. If you are a book lover of a certain age, it might do the same to you.” (via The Washington Post)

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Denver police bring new focus to downtown library amid spike in drug use

“The Denver Police Department has begun patrolling the Central Library, amid a spike in drug use and illegal activity that has been the focus of heightened scrutiny in recent months.Library officials are crediting the increased police presence and other safety measures with a significant decrease in illegal activity this summer. The downtown library has also added cameras, increased waste clean-up around the building and stocked overdose kits on site to treat patrons.” (via Denver Post)

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Comic book lovers gather for 25-cent books in SF

“Scattered around Ed Minasian’s feet were copies of Bat Girl, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man — just a few of the comics he had snatched from boxes haphazardly spread throughout the San Francisco library donation center in Potrero Hill. After examining each one, he’d glance at a printed spreadsheet to check and see which comics he already owned. “I’ve been a collector since I was a little kid,” the 50-year-old San Jose resident said.” (via SFGate)

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Library Stuff – 2000-2017 – R.I.P.

I was informed this week that Information Today (ITI) will cease sponsorship of my blog, Library Stuff, in August. ITI is a top notch company that took a chance on a second tier, haphazardly-filled, professional library blog in 2005. Thank you to everyone at ITI for making this happen for the past 12 years.

Special thanks to Richard T. Kaser, Bill Spence, and J.D. Thomas for their assistance.

Library Stuff started in August 2000 and it has had a great run. 17 years later, I am at a very different place in my career. I’m thinking of shutting it down for good.

Any thoughts from my library friends?

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What to Do With the Tributes After the Shooting Stops

“An eight-foot cross rests on its side, near an assortment of other crosses and a menagerie of police uniform patches. Close by are rain-curled posters and hundreds of artificial flowers. “Back the blue,” reads one sign, not far from where stuffed animals sit on a library shelf that once held true crime books.” (via New York Times)

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