The New Hillary Library?

“When the new president, if she is Hillary Clinton, moves into the White House, will she unpack her library in the spirit of Walter Benjamin—releasing memories of adventures attached to books? Not likely. Will she think of books and libraries at all? Probably not. She has more important things to do. But the arrival of a new president at this moment, not long after the dawn of the digital age, could open an opportunity to reorient literature and learning in a way that was envisioned by the Founders of our country, one that would bring books within the reach of the entire citizenry.” (via The New York Review of Books)

Leave a Comment makes taxpayer-funded research freely available to the public

“It has been a long held position by Sunlight and our allies that the Congressional Research Service (CRS), a taxpayer-funded research arm for Congress, should make its reports to the available to the public. But until Congress expands access to this public knowledge, a newly launched resource from Demand Progress,, will enable the disclosure that our legislators should have enacted years ago. Sunlight’s founding executive director, Ellen Miller, wrote in 2009 that opening up CRS reports “is an easy transparency reform that boggles the mind as to why it has not yet been done.”The research that CRS conducts and provides to Congress is a valuable resource that, if published online, would empower the public to be more informed about the subjects and the counsel that our representatives receive. We are far from alone in this view.” (via Sunlight Foundation Blog)

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Axiell acquires Gold Systems, Inc. division to strengthen offering in the Vital Records market

“Axiell, the leading vendor to archives, libraries and museums worldwide, as well as the leading Vital Records systems provider in Australasia and Canada, today announces the acquisition of a business division of Gold Systems, Inc., a Salt Lake City, Utah-based company. The acquisition further strengthens Axiell’s position in the market for Vital Records, which comprises software systems to help authorities manage births, deaths, marriages and more.” (via )

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Library Presents Multimedia Web Presentation of Political, Cultural Icons

“The Library of Congress unveiled today a new curated web presentation—”Food for Thought: Presidents, Prime Ministers, and other National Press Club Luncheon Speakers, 1954-1989″—that features speeches by some of the world’s most important newsmakers, including presidents, international leaders and other political and cultural icons of the period.Most of these select speeches from the Library’s National Press Club Collection have not been heard in their entirety since they were initially delivered. The online presentation spans 35 years and accompanying essays put relevant historical context around the topics discussed by the speakers.” (via Library of Congress)

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Providence library offers free photos of state’s history

“The Providence Public Library has added thousands of photographs chronicling Rhode Island’s history to its digital library, making them available to the public for free.The Rhode Island photograph collection features more than 6,500 photographs of people, places and events from across the state from the mid-19th century through the 20th century.” (via (AP)

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