December 02, 2003

Jenny Markets Herself

One of my new mantras is the use of weblog technology to market ourselves as librarians. I've mentioned it during my latest round of presentations and will do it again next year. I've told Jenny that she needs a page for her presentations and articles and she's finally done one. Go Jenny, get busy, its your birthday!! (And yes, I know its not Jenny's birthday. I'm just a hip librarian who knows the lingo. I guess I'm a bit shifted myself.)

If you write articles and speak at conferences and you blog, do you publicize it? Do you link to the conferences at which you speak? Why not?!

Posted by Steven at December 2, 2003 11:00 PM | TrackBack

Also consider submitting print versions to DLIST (Digital Library of Information Science and Technology).

The more papers it contains the mocre valuable it becomes.

Posted by: David Bigwood on December 3, 2003 11:16 AM

You know, that's the second time you've used that "hip librarian" comment about people's birthdays (that is, saying it's their birthday when it isn't). And I still haven't the vaguest idea what you're talking about.

But then, I never claimed to be hip. Just old.

Posted by: Walt Crawford on December 3, 2003 04:50 PM
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