November 09, 2003

E-mail to RSS - The first step

As many of you know, I hate e-mail. Trudging through the 95% of information that I don't want to get to the 5% I do want wastes too much time. Since RSS is basically spam free, I was hoping to find a way to get only the messages I want in my aggregator, which will cut down on me having to actually access my e-mail account once or twice per day. So, when I saw Mailbucket a few months ago, I was intrigued, but couldn't get past the fact that if the e-mail addy to send the message to was public, then the RSS Feed for that message would be known as well.. Bad news.

While I was raking the leaves today, however, I had a premonition. What if the e-mail addy that receives the message is behind a form!! So, with the help of one of Blake's scripts, I whipped up this contact form which, when a message is sent, will go right into my aggregator!!

This is not a perfect system, but it is one step further to being e-mail free than I was before...and no spam, which is key. So, for those who have been sending e-mail to me via steven [at] librarystuff [dot] net, I ask that you update your address book with the URL for the form. If you use this form, I guarantee that you will receive some sort of response from me within a few hours (depending on the time of day you send it), because it is going to be sent to a tool that I use more often than my e-mail; my aggregator. Of course, I will respond via e-mail, but at least I won't have to sift through the relentless spam messages to read your initial contact. To be sure, I rarely have more than one e-mail exchange on one topic. Again, this is not a perfect system, but its a first step.

BTW, I am on AOL-IM all day, so that the best way to reach me.

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Where can we find more information about this ?

Posted by: Max on December 19, 2003 08:50 AM
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