November 04, 2003


I decided that I would actually take notes during conference sessions today and blog them. I was sitting at lunch with Michael Stephens and we were talking about Refgrunting. Michael said we needed something called conference-grunting, so Con-Grunting was born!!

Remember, Aaron is photoblogging the conference, so make sure you find him and have him take your picture.

Con-Grunting!! (coined by Michael Stephens)|

My Con-Grunting on the weblog sessions on Blogging.


Darlene Fichter
The Blogging Revolution
Libraries and Weblogs

"You should be skeptical"

Emergent Information
"To be the blog content is about 3 things: Frequency, Brevity, Personality" - Ev
"Easy as writing a list on your fridge"

One month without a post- Abandoned?

Blogorrhea - Hundreds of posts per day about anything

Tripod part of Terra Lycos.

"Archives are the self-cleaning ovens of the Web"

Subscribe via e-mail?! - Nope!!
- Why do that if RSS is built in

But, RSS is not just for blogs

"offline editing functions" - which software does this?

How to find the "human filter"
- by who they comment on
- indexes in different theme areas.
- particular perspective

Mac people - Tinderbox (

10 ways to use blogs

- News
- Marketing - but how about for the librarian?
- Online books discussion
- Staff Development - Fact Sheets
- Knowledge Sharing - FARQ!!!
- Database for Web Site Resources'
- Solve Back up
- Professional / personal development!!!!
- Resume!!!
- Solve E-mail Overload
- Be a leader!!!

ADA compliance and screenreaders
- accessibility issues

Marylaine Block
Sabrina Pacifici
Frank Cervone?

Frank Cervone
Intrablogs - using a blog o support internal processes
- using a blog on an Intranat

Makes it easier to use for capturing/archiving than e-mail

Northwestern has a news feed out to the faculty
-They have an RSS feed for their faculty, but they haven't "caught on" yet.
-like a traditional newsletter

Web Usability Group - Internal work group.

searching all of the entries, not available via e-mail!!


Change in habit as a disadvantage. Why is changing a way of thinking a disadvantage?
Frank is not really concerned about this...good

Sabrina Pacifici

Spoke about LLRX and Be Spacific
Send out newsletters

Effective thoughtful way.
Takes alot of time.
Tracking and monitoring content.
Showed a backend of Movabletype

Rocketinfo has an aggregator?! No freaking way!!!!!!!

Be active, participate; communication is key.

Marylaine Block

- I regard weblogs as fundamentals tools
- Who does everybody trust?
- How does news spread

RSS doubles the readership!!

We are all information overloaded - mention of Library Link of the Day.

Greg Notess

Weblogs/RSS is still in its infancy
Hunting and gathering
- with some harvesting

Collection development
- Wander once in awhile

Comment about Lexis Nexis!! Greg Bender from RIT

Didn't find it on the major search engines.

- From people you trust
- Or just visit regularly
- Establish A pattern...

- Keep you eyes out for blogs in SE results. Look for those communities of interest...
- RSS Search engines - Check for Freshness!!
- Someblogs not indexed anywhere.

- Cached content!!

- Waypath - Greg didn't mention that all searched can be gottent in RSS Feeds!!
- Not terribly powerful, but does index other stuff that the others don't get

- Bloogz - Languages!!

- Greg mentioned Blogrunner!! Hip Hip Hooray!!

- He also talks about OPML, a whole different animal, and how to use Feedster to search OPML files. Hip Hip Hooray!!

- To search or not to search
- Be aware of blog movement
- Not always necessary!!!
- Blogs constantly changing
- One of the "hot" technologies

- These engines do not have "business models", except maybe Feedster.


I didn't stay for Liz's presentation and followed Aaron to "Web Services" - general Concepts and applications for libraries. Not sure why I did that. Maybe because Liz thinks my last name is "Rifkin" and I felt betrayed!! 8-)


Marshall Breeding
- "Shlep" messages in XMl from one service to another.

Ok change of plans. I went back up to Liz's talk.

She's chatting about how she uses weblogs in her classes.
- "weblog is going to become a meaningless term"

Where is aggregation going?
- weblogs aren't really on a topic.
- (I think Jenny is blogging the same stuff I am)
- she is finnaly showing Bloglines...
- She doesn't use aggregation, but reads 150 weblogs.
- She likes the visual experience (understandable)
- maybe she should be using Web Site Watcher, which will notify her of any changes to the interface
- Probably just likes going to weblogs...
- Very few of the weblogs have active comments.
- she mentions trackback, which hasn't been mentioned today.
- I really should find a way to moderate the comments that go into my weblog and then get those back up!!!
"How do we create content as a community, collaboratively"

Done for the day. Going to the speaker reception and then dinner with everyone that I know. I hope.


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