November 03, 2003

Internet Librarian

I wasn't going to post until Wednesday night until I returned from Internet Librarian, but I have a few minutes before I work out my schedule for tomorrow and go to sleep (the time zone thing is still getting to me), so here goes:

I'm staying at the Sand Dollar Inn, which is about 6 blocks from the conference center, so I get a little exercise and take the walk over every morning. Plus, there is a nice continental breakfast here.

Jenny and I did our preconference presentation this morning. It was the first time that I took part as a presenter in hands-on weblog/RSS session and I thought it went rather well. Every group (there were 4 groups with 3 people to a group) had a chance to post to Library Stuff, create their own weblog using Blogger, and read content via RSS in Newzcrawler.

Afterward, I schmoozed a bit with Greg Notess and Michael Stephens. Then Michael and I went to this fabulous seafood restaurant on the water and engaged in a wonderful conversation about librarianship, weblogs, and writing.

Monterey is absolutely beautiful!! I hope I get a chance to tour a bit before returning to New York. More tomorrow (I hope)

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