September 03, 2003

5 Point Plan for "Saving" the Library

The Black Saint writes:

"Growing up in South Carolina, I was accustomed to middle-aged librarians who wore their hair up in tight buns that prevented them from smiling (really, nothing is sexier). In New York, I was subjected to gum-popping junior "J.Los" on work release with large fake nails who pronounced their place of business "liberry." Distraught, I submitted a five-point plan for saving the library.

1) Close down library
2) Get rid of the homeless
3) Burn down library (don't tell the junior "J.Los")
4) Perform exorcism
5) Rebuild library

"Sadly, my plan was returned unread, so I abandoned the public library for Barnes & Noble. Mind you, I never buy anything at Barnes & Noble (that's what Gotham Books is for), but it's a much better library than the public library. In fact, it sums up quite well why capitalism is superior to communism." (via Waypath)

Speaking of "Liberries", I am more than thrilled that Liberry Blooze is back!! Hip Hip Hooray!!

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