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Working: How does librarian Laurie Allen work?

“For our latest episode, we spoke to Laurie Allen, a librarian at the University of Pennsylvania. The profession was a calling for her, she says, partly because when she was young she thought of it as “a way that really brilliant people could bring me their ideas and I could learn just enough about them to help,” without having to write the papers herself. “As a librarian,” she says, “my expertise is in the way [knowledge] is organized,” which is to say she’s still focused as much on where we should start in the quest to know more as with where we end up.” (via Slate)

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Dallas Library Embraces Role As Haven For The Homeless

“In a lot of cities, homeless people use libraries as places to rest, especially when the weather’s bad. The Dallas Public Library system has chosen to embrace this role. Courtney Collins of member station KERA reports, librarians aren’t just tolerating; they’re welcoming the homeless.” (via NPR)

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Homestead’s ‘cybrary’ will be part library, part entertainment, part tech lab

“Virtual reality simulations, talking robots and a magic school bus — this is what happens when a theme park company designs a library.Landmark Entertainment Group — the company responsible for the Spider-Man and Jurassic Park rides at Universal Orlando and Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas — has partnered with the city of Homestead to create the world’s first “Cybrary,” or cyber library.“We are redefining what the library is,” said George Gretsas, Homestead’s city manager. “When you think about bettering this thing called a library, which has been around since before 300 B.C, do you turn to the library scientists — the librarians — to create a fresh and new thing, or do you turn to people who have expertise in the areas of entertainment and attraction?” (via Miami Herald)

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Toronto Public Library shedding light on Seasonal Affective Disorder

“Two white lamps that look like props from a sci-fi film sit in the common area of the Brentwood Library. But they’re anything but common or the stuff of science fiction.They’re light therapy lamps, designed to mimic the sun and treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression that some people experience during the dark winter months. They’re part of a Toronto Public Library pilot project that aims to help people ward off the winter blues while they read.”These lamps help people combat the lack of sunlight we suffer from here in the winter,” said Tiziano Vanola, the  branch head of the Brentwood library, which is located near Bloor Street West and Islington Avenue.” (via CBC News)

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A Public Library That’s Nicer Than The Fanciest Tech Offices

“Libraries are like the Madonnas of the architectural world—changing, evolving, and morphing with the times. Now they’re in the midst of a technological reinvention. And as they shed their physical media and go digital, libraries’ most significant contribution to a community is often not as a repository of books—but a beacon that draws people together. Thionville—a city in Northeastern France near the Luxembourg border—opened a new library last year that embodies this shift.”(via Co.Design)

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