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Tom Brokaw donates papers, artifacts to UI Libraries

“One of the world’s most renowned and decorated journalists announced Nov. 10 that he has donated his papers to University of Iowa Libraries. Tom Brokaw, who attended the UI during his freshman year in 1958–59, made the announcement live on NBC’s Today show. “It was their idea,” Brokaw said, referring to the UI Libraries. “They came to me, and I was kind of reluctant. Do I have enough important stuff? And then they were persistent. They’ve got a wonderful, world-class library. They’re all digitalized.” (via Iowa Now)

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E-books can be lent by libraries just like normal books, rules EU’s top court

“Public libraries can lend out electronic books, the European Union’s highest court has ruled.The judgment confirms the opinion of Maciej Szpunar, advocate general to the the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), who said back in June that lending out e-books should be permitted in the 28-member-state bloc provided authors are fairly compensated in the same way as for physical books.” (via Ars Technica UK)

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Why academic libraries aren’t just expensive vanity projects

“In an Instagram video, former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren proclaimed that she is “scandalized” by the cost of education and how college students are saddled with “gigantic student loans.” Viewers may well have been nodding in agreement at that point in the video. And if they heard last month’s NPR program on how more colleges are opening food pantries, it makes sense to many to say that higher education is too expensive for students, their parents and families — both while students are enrolled in college and afterward, and whether a degree is earned or not.” (via Inside Higher Education)

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Lewis and Clark librarian donates her half-million dollar estate to Missoula Public Library

“A former Missoula public school teacher and librarian donated $500,000 to the foundation for the Missoula Public Library for children’s programming.Lorraine Jay, who worked at Lewis and Clark School for around 20 years, left the foundation her half-million-dollar estate, the largest donation in the foundation’s history. She died this summer.” (via

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Library head fired over spending $260K gets $300K in settlement with city

“The Queens Library president who got canned for allegedly spending more than a quarter-million dollars of library funds on “inappropriate” expenses not only doesn’t have to pay the money back — he’s being richly rewarded.The library has agreed to settle Thomas Galante’s severance suit for $1.5 million, most of which will go to legal fees, except for $300,000 that he will pocket.” (via New York Post)

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