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LexisNexis Announces its Intention to Acquire Intelligize

“LexisNexis® Legal & Professional today announced its intent to acquire privately held Intelligize, Inc., provider of the industry standard for U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) intelligence. The acquisition would expand the LexisNexis securities and M&A offering with new content, innovative tools and analytics while complementing the capabilities of the company’s existing securities solution, Lexis® Securities Mosaic®. Closing of the transaction is subject to certain customary conditions.” (via LexisNexis)

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“The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) partners with the Library of Congress (LC) to release the digital bound Congressional Records from 1991-1998 on GPO’s govinfo. This release covers debates of the 102nd thru 105th Congresses.” (via GPO)

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ALA Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels announces retirement

“American Library Association Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels announced today that he will retire in July 2017.Fiels has led ALA since 2002, making him one of the longest-serving executive directors in the Association’s history.Before he came to ALA, Fiels was director of the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners for 10 years. He also served as president of the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies and staff consultant for the New York and New Jersey State Libraries.” (via ALA)

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College students take to Wikipedia to rewrite the wrongs of Internet science

“The time had come to choose a major at Caltech, and Alice Michel had a notion that intrigued her. But when she looked it up on Wikipedia, what she got was a whole lot of gobbledygook.It was, she learned, an “interdisciplinary field of scientific research.” It had something to do with “the biosphere, the lithosphere and/or the atmosphere.”Here was a subject worthy of an entire area of study on campus, but its Wikipedia entry was “totally useless.” (via LA Times)

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Carla Hayden Takes Charge of the World’s Largest Library

“Carla Hayden still remembers the day when, more than fifty years ago, she realized the importance of library due dates. After school, while her mother was at work, she would walk to her local storefront library in Queens. “Week after week after week,” Hayden told me recently, she would check out “Bright April,” her favorite book. Then she would go to a store across the street and get a hamburger. But, one day, Hayden failed to return a book on time, and she had to spend her pocket money on the late fee. “I had to miss a hamburger,” she said. “That’s when I learned about fines.” (via The New Yorker)

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