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Kindle Reading Fund Launches to Provide eBooks

“Amazon has a long but quiet history of giving back. It has launched initiatives to employ disabled veterans and their spouses, created the Amazon Smile website that supports consumers’ favorite charities, and more. But now, the company that started with books is getting back to its roots with the launch of the Kindle Reading Fund, a branch of the organization that will provide reading materials to charities that are already doing the legwork of literacy to people all around the world.” (via

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SEC University Libraries Commit to Enhanced Resource Sharing

“To support scholarly research efforts within the Southeastern Conference (SEC), library deans from all SEC member universities, including the University of Kentucky, have committed to sharing in new ways their respective institutional collections with other conference schools, effective immediately. “Individually, SEC university libraries have strong collections of national distinction with unique strengths and areas of emphasis,” said David Carlson, dean of University Libraries at Texas A&M University. “As strong as our individual libraries are, however, none of us are as strong as we are together. This SEC library sharing agreement allows the users of the SEC libraries — our faculty, staff and students — to find and use materials as if our libraries were a single, unified collection.” (via UKNow)

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What libraries of the future will look like

“Your idea of a library might be a musty, carpeted room with outdated technology, but don’t ditch your library card just yet.According to David Pescovitz, co-editor at Boing Boing and research director at the Institute for the Future, a Palo Alto-based collective that makes forecasts about our world, it’s likely in the coming decades that society’s traditional understanding of a library will get completely upended.” (via Business Insider)

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You Can Now Browse Harvard’s Huge Bauhaus Collection Online

“THE BAUHAUS NEVER really died. Though the famed German art school existed in physical form for just 14 years, its legacy lives on in many ways. The latest incarnation: Harvard’s massive online archive. The school recently made more than 32,000 digitized artifacts—paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures, and more—available for browsing, and it’s a beautiful time-suck for design lovers.” (via WIRED)

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Axiell partners with Odlio to expand digital content offering to libraries

“Axiell, the leading supplier of IT systems and services to public libraries, today announces a partnership with Odilo, one of the leading digital content providers for libraries. The partnership will enable libraries to easily access and manage digital content, integrate a mix of content sources and quickly distribute high-quality content to patrons.By partnering with Odilo, Axiell can also offer customers a greater choice of content and the ability to rapidly integrate a mix of sources that are available on the market, such as content from Axiell Media.” (via Axiell Group)

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