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In Baltimore, The Library Is Open

“Classrooms are empty, desks are stacked in the hallways, and Baltimore’s students are halfway through a sixty-day layover in which they are expected to sustain their learning until the upcoming school year.While summer can offer students the chance to learn through camps, family trips, or robust reading lists, access to these opportunities often falls upon socioeconomic lines: wealthier families have more means to discover and utilize summer learning activities, so richer students return to school in September better prepared than their low-income counterparts. One study estimates that 80 percent of the rich/poor achievement gap is attributable to the atrophy of reading skills over summer vacations.” (via Huffington Post)

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Library of Congress has 163 million items; one day they might fit on dot of copper

“Got a dollar bill? Take it out and look at George Washington’s picture. Focus on the pupil in one of his eyes. That pupil is the size of a smidgen of copper that theoretically could store the entire contents of the Library of Congress, using nanotechnology developed by scientists at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. (According to the Library of Congress website, the contents include 162 million items stored on about 838 miles of shelves.) The scientists wrote about their breakthrough, the densest method yet developed to store rewritable digital data — in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, and it’s explained in an accessible way by William Herkewitz in the June edition of Popular Mechanics magazine.” (via The Washington Post)

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Salt Lake City Library Board selects new executive director

“Peter Bromberg has been named the executive director of the Salt Lake City Public Library.He comes to Salt Lake City from the Salt Lake County Library system, where he served as the associate director for public services.His resume also includes: associate director of Princeton (New Jersey) Public Library; and assistant director at the South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative.” (via The Salt Lake Tribune)

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Google’s New App Brings Hundreds of Museums to Your Phone

“Not everyone can visit Sicily’s Valley of the Temples, home to some of the world’s oldest examples of classic Greek architecture. Nor can they view the soft colors of Claude Monet’s “Tiger Lilies” in person at Tokyo’s National Museum of Western Art. Despite being made for the masses, art and culture are often inaccessible. Google’s Cultural Institute wants to change that. In the past five years, the initiative has teamed up with more than 1,100 institutions to bring artwork, artifacts, and 360-degree museum tours online. This week, in an update to its Arts & Culture app, the company turns your phone into a powerful portal for accessing and experiencing that art.” (via WIRED)

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Toronto Public Library reveals its website searches in real time

“Bulletproof coffee, brain games for puppies, Donald Trump sucks.What do they all have in common?They’re all recent searches on the Toronto Public Library’s website.The library has developed a tool using Google analytics that pulls search topics into one spot and updates in real time, offering a fascinating glimpse into the city’s psyche — and a slightly addictive browser screen.” (via Metro News)

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