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More Time in the Stacks: Library Hours in NYC Still Lag Behind Other Big Cities

“New York City’s branch libraries are now open significantly more hours per week than at any point in the past decade. This marks an important improvement at a time when branch libraries have become vital information portals for New Yorkers who lack the essential literacy, language. and technological skills needed to get ahead today. Due to a $43 million increase in library operating funds, which Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council agreed to in June 2015, the city’s libraries are now open 48.9 hours a week on average. This is up slightly from the same time last year, when the city’s branches were open 48.4 hours a week, but it represents a significant increase in hours of operation from just two years ago (44.7 hours per week) and from a decade ago (39 hours per week).” (via Center for an Urban Future)

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