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Local libraries are true immigrant sanctuaries

“From airports to city streets to social media, countless New Yorkers have shown their support for immigrants and defended their right to be here. As an immigrant myself, it has been incredibly heart-warming to see my neighbors rally around our communities at a time when we are most vulnerable.But many are wondering what they can do other than protest — how they can get more involved and see real results.There is a powerful, effective and meaningful way to uplift and protect immigrant New Yorkers right now: support public libraries, institutions that proudly wear the sign of “everyone is welcome here” each and every day.” (via NY Daily News)

One Response to “Local libraries are true immigrant sanctuaries”

  1. Jane
    March 12, 2017 at 11:35 am #

    Immigrant and illegal immigrant are two different things. My dad is an immigrant, but he went through the necessary steps to be legal.

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