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Get thee to a library: It’s more important than ever

“In the wake of the provincial government’s decision to close almost half the public libraries in Newfoundland, politicians have offered up a number of justifications. The most prevalent – and specious – argument is that technology has rendered libraries obsolete, and that libraries are now relics of the predigital age. This couldn’t be further from the truth.” (via Globe & Mail)

One Response to “Get thee to a library: It’s more important than ever”

  1. Yvonne Stewart
    May 7, 2016 at 10:40 pm #

    Libraries are so much more than lenders of books. They are the meeting places, educaters and welcoming spaces for their communities. They are the a haven and provider of computers and other technologies for people who would otherwise fall victim to the digital divide. They are providers of knowledge, advice and a friendly word. They provide a safe space and offer hope and encouragement. Long live libraries!

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