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Nintendo partners with SF public library to teach kids about game design

“Last night, for a group of kids at the San Francisco Public Library, Super Mario wasn’t just an iconic game character: he was a teacher.In a rare move for the company, Nintendo partnered with the library to offer a series of lessons about game design, using the Wii U game Super Mario Maker — which lets players craft their own Mario stages and then share them with others online — as a teaching tool. “I think what we saw from launch until now is that there’s so much more to Super Mario Maker than just it being a game,” says Nintendo’s Krysta Yang. “Kids these days really have some incredible choices when it comes to what they can do from an educational perspective, and it seemed to us like the creativity of Super Mario Maker and the ease of creating a level and sharing it could be used in a different way.” (via The Verge)

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