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A Surprising Number of Women Are Missing from Wikipedia, but One Woman Is Changing That

“It is an unfortunate fact that Wikipedia has very few female editors, and there’s evidence that the females who do contribute to the online encyclopedia receive a significant amount of harassment from their male counterparts. According to a recent Smithsonian article, one female editor of Wikipedia has a backlog of 118 harassing, abusive emails about her work.This woman is Emily Temple-Wood. Back in 2012 she volunteered for a Wikipedia edit-a-thon to honor Ada Lovelace, a nineteenth-century mathematician. As a result, she noticed a serious lack of female representation among the site’s many articles. Furious, she typed out a profile of Ann Bishop, a British biologist, in her dorm room late that night. From then on, the med student embarked on a mission to raise the profile of women scientists on the platform.” (via Verily)

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