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Dallas’ Libraries, Among the Nation’s Worst Funded, May Actually Get Some More Moneyr

“On Wednesday, book lovers from across the city showed up in force at the Dallas City Council meeting. It was the first time council members were able to throw amendments at the proposed city budget for the next fiscal year. And supporters of Dallas Public Libraries wanted them to carefully consider the library budget in their decision-making. After half a decade of budget cuts, Dallas’ library system has some of the most limited operation hours of any city library system in the country. It catching up to do if it is to restore competitive hours — that is, more than 40 hours per week — and standard facility operations. This last fiscal year, the City of Dallas spent $18.29 per person on its libraries. Houston spent $18.26. Houston’s is the worst funded library system in the country. Dallas’ is the second-worst.” (via Dallas Observer)

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