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Library of Congress to Display Interviews With Blacks, Noted and Unsung

“Maya Angelou’s earliest childhood memory took place on a train when she was 3 years old. When her brother, Bailey, whom she described as “my black kingdom come,” went to the bathroom, Ms. Angelou thought he had been taken away by a porter. “It scared me to death,” she recounted in a video interview recorded in 2010. “I wasn’t afraid that my mother wouldn’t come back or my father or anyone else. It was always Bailey.” The small details of everyday life and more profound events that get to the heart of the black experience in America are part of an ambitious video history called The HistoryMakers that will become part of the Library of Congress, the library is expected to announce Tuesday. The collection includes 9,000 hours of video interviews with 2,600 African-Americans in more than 35 states.” (via

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