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With eBooks Still Pricey, Illinois Libraries Flex Their Marketing Muscle

“When Sullivan penned this letter as President of the American Library Association, she was worried about the future of libraries.  The ALA sought public support over a dispute between libraries and Big 5 publishers in much the same way that Hachette Book Group is currently enlisting authors in its fight over book pricing with Amazon.  The problem was simple.  Library patrons were reading more and more eBooks.  Libraries were locked out of purchasing half of the most popular books electronically.  Simon & Schuster, Macmillan and Penguin would not sell libraries eBooks at any price.  Other large publishers imposed Draconian lending limits – requiring books to be repurchased after a year or setting a limit on lends.  Worst of all, some publishers were charging seventy dollars or more for libraries to buy the same eBook consumers could purchase for ten dollars or less.” (via Forbes)

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