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The Universal Library Is Us: Library Work at Scale in HathiTrust

“When major research libraries pooled resources in 2008 to launch HathiTrust—today one of the largest collaborative library initiatives in the world—they knew that they were on to something big. For more than a decade, the potential of digitization and digital technologies to dramatically enhance library access and preservation services had been moving from the periphery to the very center of library future-planning. Confronted on the one hand with increasing budgetary pressures and on the other with increasing demands for greater access to a broader range of collections, libraries quickly came to appreciate that the future would be not only digital, but largely shared as well. Collaboration would be essential if libraries, with limited resources, were to continue to provide traditional services and meet new service expectations. Libraries have a long history of collaboration, but examples of, and structures for, the kinds of collaboration that could truly impact library services at scale were few.” (via EDUCAUSE)

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