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  1. Dan Kleinman
    Mar 16 - 10:04 pm

    Steven, I am directly involved in this matter. It is so outrageous that even Saturday Night Live with guest host Lady Gaga made fun of the library’s pro porn policy. Well I have breaking news that the truth is far worse than reported so far. The library board of trustees members are elected and these elected members intentionally colluded to cut off the very free speech required by the law. The Illinois Attorney General is investigating. A library that supposedly supports free speech and equal access even to the point of defying Illinois law, local law, and its own policy to allow people to view porn on the computers, intended to cut off free speech and equal access for the reason of preventing people from having the free speech and equal access guaranteed by law to say that library porn is illegal, at least in that Illinois community library. And the library is already being used as a positive example of how libraries can handle controversy. When the full facts come out, this case will be very shocking, and the collusion of the ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom will be noted. Of course, the full facts will come out, but the question will be, knowing the reality of the past practice of the Library Journal and American Libraries to suppress politically incorrect news like libraries happy to jettison porn or librarians suing for sexual harassment duo to implementation of ALA’s pro porn policy, LJ and AL will likely deep six the story, or spin or minimalize it. So no one will hear about it. You, Steven, might be one of the few sources of library news, other than myself, perhaps LISNews, who might publish the truth of the criminality of the actions of the board of library trustees. It all depends on the outcome of the IL AG matters it is now investigating and whether it will launch new investigations based on new evidence.

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