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Orland library to consider new Internet policy

“The Orland Park Public Library board is ready to appoint a new trustee and return to the debate about the library’s Internet policy at a special meeting of the Board of Library Trustees Wednesday evening. The library’s controversial Internet policy, which lets adults use library computers to access any legal materials, including pornography, came under fire when two patrons complained in October. Dozens of patrons debated whether Internet access should remain unfiltered at the library’s November board meeting.” (via

One Response to “Orland library to consider new Internet policy”

  1. Dan Kleinman
    February 14, 2014 at 2:33 am #

    There is no First Amendment right to porn in public libraries. Generally, yes, but not in public libraries, per the US Supreme Court in US v. American Library Association [ALA]. That doesn’t stop people who want to push porn on communities from saying there’s a First Amendment right to porn in libraries when there isn’t. ALA makes a business of this. Yes, that ALA, the one that lost on this issue in the Supreme Court and now seeks to force its way on communities by lying about the case. ALA is now a leading facilitator of porn and the harassment of women in the USA. See

    Here’s a roadmap for legally removing legal porn from public libraries and learning about the dogma used to mislead communities:

    The author of the Children’s Internet Protection Act named me as a “trusted source” for evaluating the misinformation of the American Library Association, so anyone is welcome to contact me, Dan of SafeLibraries.

    That said, the underlying story Chicago Tribune story that’s hyperlinked neglects that the library set its policy during an illegal meeting on a legal state holiday, in violation of the relevant open public meeting laws, and would not allow the public to speak. It neglects that not only does the library allow porn, but it allows sex crimes to go unreported as well, including the viewing of child pornography. It neglects that library employees who experience sexual harassment due to patrons watching porn are told if they don’t like the job they can quit.

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