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Religion, libraries and war: The acrid smell of burning books

“LAST month, when a moderate Sunni Muslim figure, ex-minister Mohamed Chateh, was assassinated by a car bomb in Beirut, some Middle East-watchers detected a “Sarajevo moment” for Lebanon. In other words, a single violent event that could be a step on the road to a broader conflict across the region, or even beyond it—just as the assassination of Austria’s Archduke Ferdinand in the Bosnian capital, a century ago, started a chain reaction that led to the first world war. An exaggerated comparison? It did at least seem true that the killing of Chateh—a critic of the Syrian regime and its Lebanese allies, the Shia fighters of Hezbollah—on December 27th marked a new twist in the contest between Sunnis, Shias and their respective allies and sponsors, even though Syria and Hezbollah denied responsibility.” (via The Economist)

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