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Announcing “EveryLibrary California”

“EveryLibrary works to support local library communities as they campaign for new or renewed funding at the ballot box.  But California libraries have an extra hurdle to clear when talking to voters.  It takes 66.7% of the voters to vote YES for them to win.  As a library going out for a renewal of your Parcel Tax – basic funding – you can loose in California with 50% + 1, with 60%, or even 66.6% of the vote!  The California Library Association has been working hard to fix that.  We’ve talked about SCA-7, the proposed state Constitutional Amendment that would lower the threshold from 66% down to 55% for passage.  CLA is lobbying in Sacramento to get SCA-7 passed and out to the voters as a Proposition.  When it does, we will be there to help in a new and effective way.” (via EveryLibrary)

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