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Booktrack Adds Customized Playlists to E-Books

“If you listen to music while you read, chances are the sounds and words don’t match up.

But what if you could use one to augment the other, adding ambient sounds to your favorite book to turn it into a cinematic experience? Booktrack is a digital publishing tool that reinvented itself as a DIY platform for bloggers, artists and writers to self-publish their work with synchronized soundtracks. Writers can embed songs from a catalogue of 20,000 licensed audio files, adding mood music, ambient audio and sound effects to play in tune with story lines, paced to a user’s reading speed.” (via Mashable)

One Response to “Booktrack Adds Customized Playlists to E-Books”

  1. Peter Alsbjer
    September 23, 2013 at 6:28 am #

    I’ve found – and made some of my own – “soundtracks of this book” on Spotify. That is, when you’re reading a book and the main characters are listening to music, you would like to know how it sounds.
    So, I found that the inspector Banks series by Canadian author Peter Robinson already had Spotify lists! (Inspector Banks always listens to music when driving his car) For instance this one

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