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Libraries’ Leading Roles: On Stage, On Screen And In Song

“When I was 9, I spent a lot of time at a public library just down the street; I was already a theater nerd, and it had a well-stocked theater section. Not just books, but original cast albums for Broadway shows old and new. One day, an addition: The Music Man, about a salesman who was crazy about a girl named, as one song put it, “Marrrrrrrion, madam librarian.” I just assumed our librarian, who was maybe 23, was that most regrettable of midcentury things, a “spinster.” (She was so much older than my baby-sitters.) Later I learned that The Music Man was spoofing that idea, by making Marian young — maybe 23 — and sexy once she let down her hair and utterly irresistible to the traveling salesman, who’d presumably had many a fling.” (via NPR)

One Response to “Libraries’ Leading Roles: On Stage, On Screen And In Song”

  1. Terri
    August 8, 2013 at 12:00 am #

    Though those uptight-librarian stereotypes make me want to SCREAM! – I am loving NPR’s feature stories on the public library this week!
    A wonderful antidote to the gloom & doom, “libraries are dead” drone we’ve heard so much of.

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