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Here’s Why Google Reader Really Got the Axe

“When Google announced its plans to shutter Google Reader in March, the Internet freaked out. Twitter users raised their virtual pitchforks in outrage. Bloggers wept, scrambling to find a suitable replacement by the service’s July 1 death date. Obviously Google had to have a good reason to shut Reader down. The company has reams of data on how we use its products, and would not shutter a product that was providing sufficient food to its info-hungry maw. While some users remained devoted, the usage numbers just didn’t add up. The announcement shouldn’t have been too unexpected. Google hadn’t iterated on the service for years. It even went down for a few days in February. But there’s another reason Google decided to put its RSS reader to death. According to Mountain View, most of us simply consume news differently now than when Reader was launched.” (via

One Response to “Here’s Why Google Reader Really Got the Axe”

  1. Davin Peterson
    June 6, 2013 at 8:14 am #

    The announcement of the shut down wasn’t too surprising. Google Reader had been on the chopping block for some time and Google hasn’t any new features to it in a long time. So, i anticipated that it could be shut down

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