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Why Book Publishers Are Still Dragging Their Heels on Selling You E-Books

“Did you see anyone with bags?” My friend is looking around, increasingly frantic. “We need to find bags, right now.” We’ve been at Book Expo America 2013 for an hour, and the stacks of books we’re carrying are already beginning to overflow our arms. When publisher representatives spot a media badge, their response is something like a mugging in reverse: before we can protest, we’re loaded up with catalogs and volumes. “I have to carry this home,” I tell a publicist trying to thrust a hefty hardcover at me. “Are you on NetGalley? Can you give me a download code instead? If I give you my card, can you send me a PDF after the show?” She stares at me like I’ve just asked her to strip down in the middle of the Javits Center.” (via

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