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A user-centered approach to developing digital collection websites

“Over the past two years, the Digital Library Systems and Services department at SUL has developed a user-centered approach to building websites.  Our methodology involves early and iterative feedback from the primary audience of SUL’s web resources – academic researchers.  The intended result is web applications that help users achieve their research goals while at the same time increasing the efficiency of the software development process (thus, lowering the time to development and the cost). By way of example, in the fall and winter of 2012/13, DLSS had the formidable task of developing three sophisticated and specialized online collection websites in the span of six months.  In addition to successfully completing these projects on-time and on-budget, a secondary goal was to develop a framework for rapidly developing additional collection websites using proven design elements, common patterns of user interaction, and modular code that could be easily reused.”

via Stanford University Libraries

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