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Brazil judge orders ’50 Shades of Grey’ sealed

“A Brazilian judge has ordered bookstores to ensure that the erotic trilogy ‘‘Fifty Shades of Grey’’ is out of the reach of minors. Judge Raphael Queiroz Campos issued the order Jan 14 after he saw children in one of city’s bookstores looking through erotic books, according to a statement issued by the Rio de Janeiro State Judiciary Department Thursday night.

Eleven copies of the ‘‘Grey’’ series were among 64 books taken from the shelves of two bookstores because their content was deemed improper for those under the age of 18.”


One Response to “Brazil judge orders ’50 Shades of Grey’ sealed”

  1. N.M
    January 23, 2013 at 10:30 pm #

    This should be done all over the world. Young, tender minds need not be exposed to these ideas.They can decide when they are older whether to pollute themselves with these kinds of words and images.Let children be children and youth be youth. We as adults are the ones who can protect them.

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