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Recycle and reuse: your card catalog

“The card catalog drawers at Doheny Library haven’t had cards in them for years. They are built into the wall of a charming alcove off to the left of the circulation desk. Removing them would not necessarily be difficult, but the aesthetics of the little space they occupy is quite enjoyable and older alumni love to regale us with tales of how they spent hours there transcribing titles, call numbers, etc. Rather than remove the drawers, we have instituted a new use: fundraising. Enter the Top Drawer Society.

via Ink and Vellum

One Response to “Recycle and reuse: your card catalog”

  1. R Peckar
    November 14, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    We use our magnifcent oak card catalog for library supplies. Each drawer is labeled, thereby making the clips, post-its, pens, staples, tape, and myriad other hard-to-find objects that have not yet been replaced by an app, just a catalog drawer away!

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