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Coalition of businesses, associations, educators and libraries join together to protect ownership rights and global commerce

“Today, a diverse coalition of retailers, libraries, educators, Internet companies and associations joined together to launch the Owners’ Rights Initiative (ORI) to protect ownership rights in the United States. ORI is committed to ensuring the right to resell genuine goods, regardless of where they were manufactured. The organization believes that this right is critical to commerce and will engage in advocacy, education and outreach on this important issue. “The sudden erosion of ownership rights is becoming an alarming trend in the United States due to recent federal court decisions.  Our position is simple: if you bought it, you own it, and you can resell it, rent it, lend it or donate it, and we believe the American people fundamentally agree. ORI will serve as a powerful voice to advocate for ownership rights while educating consumers, businesses and policymakers about this critical cause,” said ORI Executive Director Andrew Shore.”

via Owners’ Rights Initiative.

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