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Ten Million Thank Yous! – GoodReads Hits 10 Million Members

“I’ve got exciting news to announce today: Goodreads now has 10 million members! To put this in perspective, it took four and a half years to reach 5 million members and only another 15 months to double that number. Today, six books are added on Goodreads per second. We’ve come a long way since Elizabeth and I built Goodreads from our living room, motivated by the belief that there was a better way to discover and discuss good books—and that we could build it.

via GoodReads.

One Response to “Ten Million Thank Yous! – GoodReads Hits 10 Million Members”

  1. Mary Madsen
    August 14, 2012 at 3:45 pm #

    Wow! 10 million members in amazing. Congrats Goodreads! I’m happy to be one of those members. Keep up the great work!

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