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Pornography in Public Causes Some to Gasp, Others to Shrug

“On a recent morning at the main public library here, dozens of people sat and stood at computers, searching job-hunting sites, playing games, watching music videos. And some looked at naked pictures of men and women in full view of passers-by. The library has been stung by complaints about the content, including explicit pornography, that some people watch in front of others. To address the issue, the library over the last six weeks has installed 18 computer monitors with plastic hoods so that only the person using the computer can see what is on the screen.”

via NYTimes

One Response to “Pornography in Public Causes Some to Gasp, Others to Shrug”

  1. Sarah Cole
    July 23, 2012 at 4:04 pm #

    Public libraries don’t exist merely to provide free reading material or accommodate people too cheap to pay for personal internet access, but to preserve and impart what a civilized culture considers worth protecting. They are also public places. If public preentation of pornography is illegal, then hooding the computer screens is enabling lawbreakers. It is contrary to the essential mission of public libraries.

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