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Sister Farley’s revenge: Want to popularize a book? Ban it

The Washington Post – “From papyrus to vellum to paper to e-books, two principles of publishing have not changed over the centuries: 1. Churches can’t resist the temptation to condemn books. 2. Nothing boosts book sales like condemnation by a church. Who, after all, would have read Sister Margaret Farley’s “Just Love” if the Vatican hadn’t censured it this week? The Catholic Church delivered the nun’s treatise on Christian sexual ethics from the wilderness of obscurity into the promised land of fame. For any book publicist, such denunciation is an answer to a prayer. On Amazon’s Web site, “Just Love” immediately ascended from No. 142,982 to No. 16.”

One Response to “Sister Farley’s revenge: Want to popularize a book? Ban it”

  1. Cindy Maxey
    June 18, 2012 at 8:42 pm #

    I haven’t heard that the Catholic Church banned this book from anywhere, just denounced it. I don’t support their having done so, but it isn’t accurate to say it was banned.
    Also, I suspect one can find many churches which have never banned or even denounced a book. I doubt the Quakers have or the Unitarians or the United Church of Christ.
    In defense of intellectual freedom, intellectual honesty is also important.

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