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E-Books, Caveats And All, May Be Boon to Cash-Strapped Libraries

WNYC Culture – “Digital books are the fastest growing area of publishing, and libraries are seeing a surge in demand for e-book titles — but finding an e-book can be tough. The Central Library in Queens became the first in New York City to start lending e-readers last month — 50 of them, pre-loaded with dozens of books each. “They went as quick as the customers came through the door, the e-readers was gone,” librarian Wanda Wright said.”

One Response to “E-Books, Caveats And All, May Be Boon to Cash-Strapped Libraries”

  1. Bunny Watson
    May 25, 2012 at 11:35 am #

    Oh please. When publishers charge libraries $47.50 for the digital version of a $7.99 paperback, that’s hardly a “boon.” More like highway robbery. I call bullshit on the entire cardre of digital evangelists who apparently don’t understand what “cash-strapped” actually means.

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