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A Library for the Future

NYT Editorial – “For over a century, New York’s majestic central library on Fifth Avenue has drawn grateful scholars and dazzled tourists. Faced with financial uncertainties and a pressing need to modernize, the president of the New York Public Library system, Anthony Marx, has put forward a $300 million proposal to renovate the flagship building. The plans, which are still evolving, sound both necessary and forward-thinking in this digital era. But the library’s overseers have to take care that they preserve the essence of this cultural landmark.”

One Response to “A Library for the Future”

  1. David
    May 19, 2012 at 12:41 am #

    $300 million! Now that is a massive amount of money to renovate and modernize the library building. I strongly believe that in this modern age we definitely must modernize and evolve but at the same time as mentioned in the post we must make sure that we don’t lose the essence of this cultural landmark.

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