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San Leandro library helps preserve historical newspapers

San Jose Mercury News.

“Like many other California migrants, the Portuguese came for the gold. When that didn’t pan out, they found something nearly as valuable: land. By 1880, more than 13,000 people of Portuguese descent had settled in California, mostly on farms in the northern part of the state. They needed news about their homeland, news about the world, news about their community scattered across the California diaspora. That news came in the form of “A Voz Portuguesa,” established by Antonio Maria Vicente in August 1880. That same month, San Leandro became home to the first Portuguese fraternal society in the state. Now, 132 years later, the society has teamed up with the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to digitize issues of “A Voz Portuguesa” and 13 other Portuguese-language newspapers published in California from 1885 to 1940.”

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