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California-based startup resurrects “Choose Your Own Adventure” format for e-readers

Off the Shelf – “Choose Your Own Adventures” were interactive tales told in the second person. Every few pages the protagonist (i.e. you) faced a decision. “You hear someone trying to pry open your window. If you choose to investigate flip to page 18. If not, turn to page 20,” or something like that. I’m sure that I wasn’t the only person whose first flaunting of authority was ignoring a stern librarian’s injunction to not bend or write on book’s pages as I marked each difficult decision in “my” adventure. One must be thorough about possible worlds. If you missed the chance to choose your own adventure, Coliloquy [ ], a California-based startup, has resurrected the idea, this time for the Kindle e-reader. They are also looking to expand to other platforms.”

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