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ALA calls on Random House to reconsider major ebook price increase

ALA – ” The American Library Association (ALA) is calling on publisher Random House to reconsider its decision to raise the price of ebooks to the library market starting March 1. ALA President Molly Raphael issued the following statement: “While I appreciate Random House’s engagement with libraries and its commitment to perpetual access,” Raphael said, “I am deeply disappointed in the severe escalation in ebook pricing reported today. Calling on our history together and our hope to satisfy mutual goals moving forward, the American Library Association strongly urges Random House to reconsider its decision. In a time of extreme financial constraint, a major price increase effectively curtails access for many libraries, and especially our communities that are hardest hit economically.”

One Response to “ALA calls on Random House to reconsider major ebook price increase”

  1. Dan Kleinman of SafeLibraries
    March 5, 2012 at 10:48 pm #

    Children’s Internet Protection Act [CIPA] author Ernest Istook (now at Heritage) revealed how the American Library Association [ALA] misleads communities to defy CIPA or do an end run around it. The result of making an end run around CIPA is children, patrons, and library employees remain exposed to causes of harm it would otherwise be legal to curtail. See:

    “CIPA Author Exposes ALA Deception; Ernest Istook Who Authored Children’s Internet Protection Act Calls Out American Library Association for Using Legal Tactics to Claim First Amendment Protection for Public Library Pornography Viewing, Causing Librarians to Be Indifferent and Leave Children Unprotected”

    Yet here we are in the media discussing libraries protesting Random House price hikes.

    Who cares about the author of CIPA exposing that the ALA is misleading one third of American communities into leaving their communities exposed to the effects of unlimited pornography on public library computers, right? Obviously a Random House price hike is much more important, as is the ALA’s ability to drive stories it wants into the media and hide others it does not want. Clearly, eBook price hikes are of way more interest to communities than the children and employees being molested in public libraries as a result of ALA policy it pushes into communities, as described by the author of the law the ALA wants us to ignore.

    And ALA wants people to pressure Random House over a little money? Shhhh, said the librarian leaders. Don’t say anything about the ALA enabling the sexualization of our communities that is so bad that the author of CIPA has to speak out.

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