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Emanuel to cut Chicago libraries’ hours

Chicago Sun Times – “Chicago’s public libraries will reduce their hours in 2012, even as the city continues to build new libraries, Mayor Rahm Emanuel acknowledged Tuesday. Emanuel defended the library cuts built into his 2012 budget, saying they’re a small price to pay at a time when other major cities are closing libraries. The reduced hours will be concentrated on Mondays and other days and times when library usage is the lowest, sources told the Chicago Sun-Times.”

One Response to “Emanuel to cut Chicago libraries’ hours”

  1. Janina
    October 12, 2011 at 1:15 am #

    I am amazed that I pay decent amount of property taxes and have no access to decent Chicago library (and local school). I use a suburban library to meet my son’s needs. I live near O’Hare Airport, which gets little attention education wise from the city. Our kids learn in trailers, have poorly equipped schools, poor access to libraries and we have to bus our kids hours from home to make up for lack of funds in our neighborhood. I pay and I have to be inconvenienced?

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