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Homeless patrons prompt Bethlehem Area Public Library’s behavior policy

Express Times – “The Bethlehem Area Public Library is a place to take your kids to story hour, pick up your favorite book or search for jobs on the Internet. As of last month, it’s not a place to sleep, bathe or panhandle. The library revised its acceptable patron behavior policy to deal with the significant influx of homeless people who were spending their days at the library, Executive Director Janet Fricker said. While most of the 26 behavior rules are general — such as no eating, smoking or talking on cell phones — others seem to be directly targeted at the homeless, including rules that prohibit bringing in sleeping bags or having offensive bodily hygiene.

One Response to “Homeless patrons prompt Bethlehem Area Public Library’s behavior policy”

  1. Kara
    August 11, 2011 at 10:16 am #

    From what this blurb says, these behaviors are fairly regular amongst public libraries. You can’t treat the library like a B&B: no bathing or sleeping.

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