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Librarian winning his battle over Tourette’s

Deseret News – “Josh Hanagarne stalks into the back room of the buzzing Salt Lake Main Library on a gray, wet Tuesday afternoon. Hanagarne is massive; he stands 6-foot-8 and makes for the most unlikely of librarians. He is a compulsive weightlifter, he can tear a phone book in half, and his desk is littered with bent nails.

In the dimly lit room he seems to fill the space. He asks if he can remove his shoes, to be more comfortable, and places his black lace-ups — size 14 — against the wall, toe to drywall. To someone who doesn’t know Hanagarne, these surface characteristics would be all that meet the eye. However, what may be the easiest to overlook is perhaps Hanagarne’s most important feature. It is the minute tweak in his face that lasts but an instant. This gesture, however small, represents a powerful war raging within Hanagarne’s mind and body; a war that he has decided to win.”

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