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Calvin M. Vos, 99; led effort to computerize legal research

Washington Post – “In 1961, Col. Vos (it rhymes with “dose”) was serving as head legal officer of the Air Force Finance Center near Denver when he was given the task of developing a computer-assisted form of data retrieval.

According to a history of the Air Force JAG Corps, he battled resistance from many top officers, who thought automation would eliminate jobs. Nevertheless, Col. Vos managed to get his new program adopted in 1963.

It proved to be faster and more accurate than manual methods of information retrieval and was later expanded throughout the government and became known as Federal Legal Information Through Electronics, or FLITE.”

One Response to “Calvin M. Vos, 99; led effort to computerize legal research”

  1. CRM
    May 9, 2011 at 11:20 am #

    I remember the first computers that filled a room!! I would have love to see this one…

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