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Today In Ridiculous French Regulations: eBook Price Controls

Business Insider – “Yesterday a French parliamentary committee voted unanimously (!) to impose a unique price on eBooks sold in France, even if they’re sold from outside France. (Via Les Echos in French)

This is consistent with earlier regulation, which mandates a single price for dead tree books.

France’s government believes that culture is precious, and therefore should only be available to the rich. In France, the poor don’t deserve access to books. That’s probably not how the French government would describe this policy, but it’s certainly what it works out to.”

One Response to “Today In Ridiculous French Regulations: eBook Price Controls”

  1. Florian
    May 5, 2011 at 3:56 pm #

    Hello, I’m from Germany (so please don’t mind my bad English)
    We have fixed prices for Books (of the same Edition) too and i think its a good thing!
    The publisher sets a price for a book (also Notes or Maps) and it costs everywhere the same. Be it amazon or aunt margies bookstore at the corner. If the publisher sets the price to high, people wont buy it. (well most people of course, there are exeptions)
    Big Book-stores cant push the smaller ones out of Business with price dumping through Bulk selling for a product which is the same on booth locations.
    So no Wallmart-Effect for Bookstores. No one here goes in to a Bookstore, getting informed about a book or even reads a bit in it just to get out thinking “haha now i buy it on amazon for 2 bucks less”

    But paying on my Android Tablet the same as my friend with his Kindle is important for me.

    And if the latest John Grisham costs the same 5 Bucks on Kindle, Ipad or Android, its a good thing too.
    Nobody gets punished because he chooses the “wrong” Ebook-reader. I think thats more what they intended to do with this law.
    I just hope that publishers don’t make exclusive deals with Ebook-sellers cutting of certain parts of the E-reader owners just because they own the “wrong” system.

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