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Augmented Reality App for Shelf Reading

More here – “The Augmented Reality App for Shelf Reading, developed by Miami University Augmented Reality Research Group (or just MU ARRG – ha!) and headed by Bo, will have librarians salivating over its potentially time-saving capabilities. Watch Bo demonstrate the app’s near-instant detection of out-of-order books on a shelf, followed by an on-screen shortest path algorithm to return misplaced books back to their locations. The icing on the cake – instant inventory of whole bookshelves, which would likely save hours of time per week for a typical librarian.”

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  1. Jim Pearson
    March 24, 2011 at 10:03 am #

    Very cool … what a time saver! Nice job. The real “reality”, however, is that in this day and age we (public libraries) no longer have the resources to go out in the collection and just read shelves and the inventory produced by the app would be of little use in a one-million item collection unless it could be imported and manipulated to do other things. What would be extremely useful is a real time connection back to the ILS so that we could find out not only what is out of order but what is missing from the collection. That would provide double bang for the buck. We are using RFID technology … can you think of ways to to integrate this technology into your app to provide other capabilities.

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